How The Un-manned Sedan Began

Self driving car technology has come along way pretty quickly in recent years. In this episode we take a look at how the US military got the ball rolling and how Google got involved.

The Bridge To The West

How would you like to take on a $300 million project that far outstrips the known technologies, while using untested materials and inventing solutions to problems as you go along? Yet you build it, impacting the lives of millions, changing the economy of a country, and pave the way for major industry along the way.

Special thanks to Ed Plocher. @EdPlocher on Twitter.

Skatecars of Signal Hill

The skatecar was born from a small event held on Signal Hill in 1975 that quickly evolved into a new form of skateboarding.

Featured in this story: Mike Horelick & Tina Trefethen.

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